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Yiiikes! Joseline Blasts Faith Evans For Allegedly Creepin’ On Stevie J. With Younger Men ‘You Do It All The Time!’

What’s happening here??

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Joseline Hernandez couldn’t keep her anger under wraps over the weekend and ended up putting her ex-fiance and his wife’s business on blast.

The Puerto Rican Princess seemed to be triggered after seeing a clip of Faith Evans and Stevie J. from OWN’s “Behind Every Man.” In the preview, Faith claimed Stevie lied to her about being with Joseline when they first got together and described how she pressed pause when she found out the truth. That’s when Joseline pulled up to the comment section spilling ALL the tea she allegedly got from Stevie, claiming that he told her Faith cheats on him all the time with younger men.

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She also made crude comments about Faith’s son who is living with autism and called him an “animal” allegedly for an incident where Joseline’s daughter Bonnie Bella was “almost killed.”

This old b***** need to keep the bricks out her way,” wrote Joseline. I” ain’t been with that man in four years. Every time my TV shows about to drop this ol word down melted b**** got something to say to stay relevant. B***** you a h*e and your husband told me and my husband last week that you cheated on him with young ni***s and you do it all the time. Now talk about your crazy a** kid that almost killed Bonnie under your watch.”

Joseline added that Faith allegedly was creeping with Stevie for years before they even broke up.

“And FYI you’ve been sucking Stevi d*** for years even before I dropped his sorry a**!”

These were some pretty HEFTY allegations Joseline dropped.

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Back in December 2019, Stevie made headlines when he tweeted “No woman is faithful” and added, “Ones insecurities can damage them,” and “cherish what you love just know nothing will last forever!”

He later deleted several tweets amid claims he was hacked.

“My twitter & IG was hacked last night while I was on the plane,” wrote Steebie. “My wife is the love of my life & my best friend. Whoever hacked me, you not only hurt me but my entire family.”

Stevie and Faith have been married since 2018 and Stevie previously called his Queen the “woman of his dreams.”


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