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Yiiiiiikes: Sada Baby Responds To Backlash Over His Offensive Tweets Resurfacing–“I Don’t Kare”

Sada Baby clearly isn’t concerned with his fans and their reaction to his old tweets resurfacing online.

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The rapper became a trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday after some seriously offensive tweets from his past came to light. Following the attention and backlash from fans, Sada Baby took to Instagram to tell his critics that he’s not at all concerned by the backlash.

“Y’all kan find every and any old tweet in the world from me. I don’t kare,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram story. “I’m not even logged into my twitter and haven’t been for months.”

In a now-deleted post, Sada also revealed that he no longer runs his Twitter, also attributing the old tweets to him being, “f***ed up in the head.”

“FYI @asylumrecords runs my Twitter so y’all tweetin them n not me,” he wrote. ” don’t have the twitter app on my phone. You gotta understand everybody ain’t removed from who they is. I’m f***ed up in the head kuz that’s how I was raised. God n my grandmas the only judges I care for.”

As for the tweets themselves, they run the gamut from homophobic, to misogynistic, to just plain awful.

According to one page, the reason people starting digging up his old tweets, in the first place, is because he used a homophobic slur in a recent IG comment, causing fans to look into how he carries himself online. Spoiler alert: not very well.


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