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With 52K new virus cases in a day, Donald Trump still says the virus will ‘disappear’

Trump Meets with Retail Leaders

Take your pick from the buffet of catastrophic political stories today. Yesterday, we set a new record for daily confirmed coronavirus cases – America had 52,788 new cases on July 1. On one day. 52,788 cases. And on the very same day, Donald Trump went to Fox News and repeated the same claim he’s made for months now, which is that the virus will eventually “sort of just disappear.”

One of the huge reasons why there are so many new cases over the past month is because (duh) too many states were trying to reopen too fast. States with Republican governors are especially guilty of this, because Trump has been exerting pressure on all states to reopen their economies fast so that… he’ll win re-election. Speaking of, Trump now claims that he’s “all for masks” and always has been.

And finally, just in case you thought the Russian-bounties for dead American soldiers story couldn’t get any worse, Trump and his people can’t get their stories straight about who knew what and when. Now Trump seems to be claiming that his people don’t brief him on *everything* especially when it’s about Russia’s GRU targeting US soldiers. Intelligence officials are saying that they have always found it difficult to brief Trump on anything involving Russia, because Trump is a pathetic coward terrified of Putin. And Trump said this when asked about the bounty story in the same Fox News interview:

And finally, this:

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.
Trump Daily Coronavirus Briefing
Trump Meets with Retail Leaders
Trump Coronavirus Press Briefing


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