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Witcha Dumb A$$: Black Man Goes Viral For Being “FBI Agent” Who Was Racially Profiled By D!¢khead Cops

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Source: imbarney22 / Getty

America was on TEN this weekend as protests and angry rebellions took place in almost every single major metropolitan city.

As all that was unfolding, there were still police still doing business as usual in some cities. You know, harassing Black people, brutalizing the public, and generally not living up to the fictitious standard of serving and protecting.

You may have noticed that “FBI Agent” was trending this morning on Twitter and wondered what the hell was going on? Well, to be honest, we’re not even sure. One thing that IS for sure is that these cops tried to arrest the wrong guy. Some people believe, for whatever reason, that this man is an undercover FBI agent.

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We saw no evidence of that nor did the unidentified man ever say that, but again, he was NOT the man that cops thought he was. Peep the video of his detainment and subsequent release in the video below.

This is exactly why Amerikkka burned.


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