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White The F**k?! Delaware Kindergarten Teacher Infuriates Parents With Black History Month Lesson Combining Slavery And Yoga

This teacher was clearly practicing the downward dumba$$ position…

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This lady has lost her muthaf***in’ mind!

Gather ’round, gather ’round. Y’all not gonna believe this s#!t. According to a report on DelawareOnline, the Caesar Rodney School District is investigating a kindergarten teacher who taught her class slavery yoga as a Black History Month lesson. You absolutely 1000% read that correctly. The undeservedly unidentified teacher works at the McIlvaine Early Childhood Center and thought it appropriate and reasonable to do a triangle pose while also “teaching” the children about the kidnapping, rape, and mutilation of Black bodies.

As entertaining as you may find us, there is no way in hell that we could make this up. Peep game.

“African people came to America on boats to become slaves,” the teacher says in the video. “So here’s the great big country of Africa. They crossed the Atlantic to come over to America. So right now, I need you to get into your boat pose,” she says, demonstrating the yoga pose.

First and foremost, we didn’t “come” any damn-where, let’s make that clear out the gate, KKKaren. Secondly, boat pose?!? Is your mayonnaise flavored with paint chips?!? This was a THIRTY-FIVE-MINUTE lesson! It was prerecorded and a parent of one of the children took a clip and uploaded it on Facebook. You can see it for yourself in the video below. (fast forward to 2:00)

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She really fixed her face to say:

“Africans were treated very poorly, even though they farmed the land and plowed the fields to make America beautiful and help grow our food,” the teacher continues. “They worked in the fields all day. If you’re at home, you can try the plow pose.”

The. Plow. Pose.

We sincerely hope that this lady falls down a flight of stairs.


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