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Where Is Infinity?! Yandy’s Adopted Daughter Claps At Fans Assuming She Was ‘Kicked Out’ To Make Room For Mendeecees

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Infinity Gilyard, Yandy Smith’s adopted daughter is TIRED of folks coming for her mom after fans noticed she’s been missing from family photos ever since Mendeecees came home. After Yandy’s husband, Mendeecees went away to serve Fed time, she adopted Infinity after bonding with the teen through mentoring.

According to information shared on “Love and Hip Hop”, Yandy faced a tough situation when she realized Mendeecees was coming home. She said that he couldn’t cohabitate with the minor who had already been in Yandy’s legal care, because of he’s an ex-felon.

So where did Infinity go?

The teen says she wasn’t “kicked out” like folks assume, she’s at school!

“I’m going to answer y’all once and once and for all. Why would she kick me out? Tell me why?”

“She ain’t kick me out. Are you dumb? She’s my family for life…that’s from now until whenever. Even when the world start falling off, we walking, we crawling, together. That’s my mother, are you dumb? Kick who out? What? When? Where?”

“So what y’all don’t know is I live in a dorm Monday through Friday then I go home on the weekends. Sometimes I don’t go home because I have basketball practice. So a lot of the things she do are over the weekend. Most of the time I’m in basketball, doing something with school or I’m being pulled in different directions, so no, she didn’t kick me out.”

“I spend time with my biological family and I spend time with my chosen family. And yeah, that’s just pretty much the gist of it. That’s still my mother, we’re still like two peas in a pod. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Hit play to get Infinity’s full explanation.

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