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What Ya Hidin’? Duplicitous D-Bag Donald Trump Stops Dr. Fauci From Answering Question About Suspect COVID-19 Drug Hydroxychloroquine [Video]

White House Coronavirus Task Force Speaks To The Media In Daily Briefing

Source: Sarah Silbiger / Getty

Yesterday, Donald Trump held yet another of his coronavirus update press conferences that have become a hot-button issue amongst news people who feel like 53% of white women’s president is using the time to lie to the American people and disseminate dangerous opinions.

One of those dangerous opinions is Trump’s insistence that the malaria-fighting drug hydroxychloroquine will help people recover from or avoid contracting COVID-19 all together.

That is a claim that Trump’s top medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci rightfully disputes as there isn’t enough hard-core evidence that the drug is safe and effective against this pandemic disease.

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Rather than listen to a president who has zero medical expertise, reporters asked Dr. Fauci for his opinion on hydroxychloroquine. Trump didn’t like that…

Why wouldn’t the President of 53% of white women not want the rest of America to know what an educated, practiced, and empowered doctor to answer the question? Is Trump making money off of hydroxychloroquine? Is one of his friends making money from the drug? What’s REALLY going on here?


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