Weekly Horoscope: March 29 – Apri

Look out for paranoia, projection, and skewed realities as messenger planet Mercury meets with dreamy Neptune on Monday, March 29, at 11:23 PM. While this is a very inspired planetary aspect that can be very intuitive, sometimes intuition is clouded by intense emotions. Your intuition can say more about yourself and your subjective reality than it says about what other people are thinking.

On Tuesday, March 30, sweet Venus connects with responsible Saturn at 11:46 PM: This is a favorable aspect for making long-term agreements. People will feel like they’re locking down something they want. The sun also connects with Saturn on Wednesday, April 31, at 5:04 PM, helping people work collaboratively on a heavy burden. There are things that take a lot of time, and they can be accomplished with a friend. This is a time to make a connection with someone who has a lot of experience.

There are powerful, experienced, and well-connected people within our reach. On Friday, April 2, messenger Mercury connects with power planet Pluto at 2:03 AM—you have no idea what lies in store unless you simply ask! You might be able to find a secret recipe or learn about someone’s biggest fears. This is also a time when we may have more awareness of our thought patterns and try to transcend them by working through them. Conversations with someone, or with two other people, can bring you newer awareness.

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On Saturday, April 3, communication planet Mercury enters Aries at 11:41 PM, bringing more energy and focus to our thoughts. While ideas have been hazier with Mercury in Pisces, Mercury in Aries is ready to make these daydreams a reality. Finding a partner to help you follow through with all of these new ideas can ensure that projects don’t end as soon as they begin.

All times ET.


The things that you want are within reach, Aries, you just need to know who to ask for help. The sun and Venus, the planet of desires, are both in your sign right now, making sure you are the main character. As they both connect with Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, you are put in the position of having certain allowances within your reach. You can connect with people in your network who are very experienced, and make long lasting bonds with friends who will help see that your dreams are taken seriously! The planet of communication and the mind, Mercury, enters your sign, giving you an extra boost in your ability to express your thoughts.


Aries season finds you paying attention to things that were not in your periphery before. There are some dark corners of your mind that you’re finally cleaning up and working through, and you’re also finishing up some projects so that you can have a great start to your personal new year as your season approaches. The sun and your planetary ruler, Venus, connect with Saturn, the planet of responsibilities and authority: The things that have not really been recognized—your quiet volunteering and dedication—receive some official validation. This can take the shape of a request for paid time off, or just making more time for yourself to work toward a certification or similar goal.


If you’re not willing to move with the tides, then you might feel like your ship is sinking. Your planetary ruler Mercury meets with dreamy Neptune, putting you in a vulnerable position. You’re able to take on many different titles and perform an impressive range of skills, but don’t expect them to be so clearly defined right now. Both Venus and the sun gently connect with Saturn, encouraging you to find your grounding in your beliefs and connections with your community. Greed and financial insecurity can lead to paranoia as Mercury connects with Pluto. You’re less worried about your reputation and more focused on connecting with friends as your planetary ruler changes signs.


Conversations with your parents take your commitment somewhere deeper as messenger Mercury connects with power planet Pluto. This is a time to share your fears and be honest about things that you’ve been overthinking. There are delusions to dispel and dynamics to unravel. Any sense of jealousy, manipulation, or possessiveness needs to be communicated in order to bring connections closer. The planet of communication, Mercury, enters your house of career and public reputation, bringing new messages and ideas into your public life. This is a good time to start a new series of content, or to bring a new project into the picture.


You’re getting a better idea about what you want to commit to in your relationships, romantic or otherwise, Leo. Venus, the planet of love, and your planetary ruler, the sun, make a harmonious connection to Saturn, the planet of responsibilities. This is opening up the space for you to have a conversation about what you value and believe in when it comes to committed partnerships. You can talk about ways you feel disappointed or the ways you feel people are or aren’t supporting you. Use this time to think about your ideals, and to define what would earn a hard “no” from you.


There are a lot of mixed messages in your relationships that are becoming difficult to decode as messenger Mercury meets with Neptune, the planet of fantasy. While it’s a good time to talk about things that you believe in, to express feelings and get a better understanding of the overall aura of a relationship, there is a lot of projection and delusion to work through. There is also the possibility of people withholding information or using certain ways of communication to garner more power as messenger Mercury connects with Pluto. This shows a tricky dynamic between being both vulnerable and guarded as it’s difficult to understand what other people are thinking. You’re going to be ready to make changes as your planetary ruler Mercury enters your house of transformation later in the week.


You have your limits, and as your planetary ruler Venus connects with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, you’re ready to recognize them. This is the perfect opportunity for you to express how you have been disappointed or how your needs have not been met. There is an ability to work through your thoughts as messenger Mercury connects with Pluto, helping you draw a connection between things that happened in your past and your current insecurities. As communication planet Mercury enters your house of relationships, other people will be a lot more talkative and ready to communicate with you. You just need to be sure about what you will and won’t stand for.


There are people in your life who can help you create more structure. A sturdy ground to stand on is cultivated by connecting with your colleagues, roommates, and other people that work into your lifestyle, as the sun and Venus connect with Saturn, the planet of structures and responsibilities. This is a time for you to connect with an accountability buddy or make appointments to improve your personal life. Aries season is about your drive to be productive and healthy, and for you to take steps toward having something lasting and stable. Your health is invaluable. There are a lot of creative juices to pour, too, as Mercury, the planet of the mind, meets with inspired Neptune in your house of self-expression, creativity, and dating.


There is an intense nostalgia as messenger Mercury meets with dreamy Neptune in your chart’s most private sector. There are dreams from the past that are coming back for you to reckon with; this is a time for you to think about your beliefs and where they originate. This can also find you misremembering things. You’re expressing your commitments to your social and creative life as sweet Venus and the sun connect with Saturn, the planet of responsibilities. This is a time for you to buckle down with a creative project. You’re interested in finding ways to stow away money as messenger Mercury connects with power planet Pluto, encouraging you to hoard some acorns.


Money moves are happening in private as both Venus, the planet of values, and the sun connect with your planetary ruler, Saturn. There are some opportunities for you to connect with your family on a material level. This can find you getting support from your domestic life, or it could mean you sell an old piece of furniture or get some heirloom appraised. Aries season is all about your home and family life, and we are in the thick of it now. The planet of communication also enters Aries, bringing you more focus on the home front. This is a time to think about your origin and how your roots have brought you where you are now.


You have the final say, Aquarius. Both Venus, the planet of desires, and the sun connect with your planetary ruler Saturn, which is in your sign. Saturn is the planet of longevity and responsibility. You are finding ways to ask for things that support you in the long run. This can mean a new contract or simply having a conversation about the things that you want. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and you can set the terms to feel supported and protected in the long run. This is a time when you can easily talk about your insecurities or feelings of isolation. This is also useful for connecting with your siblings, neighbors, and roommates.


You are really focused on your ideals this week. As messenger Mercury meets Neptune, the planet of beliefs, you may be getting lost in the greatest possible potential of things rather than anchoring yourself to what is real. Sometimes it’s better, more fun to make believe than it is to deal with the boring reality at hand. If you need a reality check, you have friends and community members who can help talk it through as messenger Mercury connects with power planet Pluto. By talking about these dreams and possibly unrealities, you’ll be able to see the deeper reasoning. Mercury leaves your sign this weekend, but before it does, there will be a great sense of urgency to get something off of your chest!

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