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Today’s Jill Martin: My 11 yo stepdaughter packed up all my stuff


Jill Martin is a lifestyle contributor on Today. She’s engaged to a non-celebrity named Erik Brooks, who has three children from his first marriage. As it can be with blended families, Jill and her future stepchildren had a little trouble adjusting to each other. Although it wasn’t so much adjusting as it was a well-executed strategical plan to boot Jill from their family vacation. Jill explained that the first time she went away with Erik and his kids, his then 11-year-old daughter, Bella, took the opportunity to pack Jill’s things and leave them by the door so Jill could- conveniently – get the hell out of their lives.

Jill Martin is navigating her new role as a stepmom — and it’s not always easy.

During the 3rd hour of Today on Friday, the television personality opened up about the first family trip she took with fiancé Erik Brooks (a managing partner at a private equity firm) and his three children from a previous marriage.

The Today lifestyle contributor, 43, said her soon-to-be stepdaughter, Bella, wasn’t exactly thrilled when she first joined the family. In fact, on their first vacation together, the 11-year-old was quite literally ready to send Martin packing.

“I get there and I unpack my things in the closet,” Martin explained during the segment. “I went for lunch; I get back (and) by the door is my suitcase with everything beautifully packed — and she packed my stuff and was like, ‘See ya!’”

“I was so upset, I was hysterical crying. And Erik said to her, ‘How could you do this?’ He said, ‘Don’t you want me to be happy?’ And she said, ‘Don’t you want me to be happy?’”

Martin quickly reassured her cohost that her relationship with Bella has since improved.

“We’re the best of friends now,” Martin said. “We really talk through it now…she’s awesome. She’s so cool.”

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I’m sure this was incredibly hurtful to Jill. With such a dramatic show of will on Bella’s part, it probably wasn’t the first time she’d voiced her displeasure of having Jill around, so this was just more salt in the wound. However, I also think this is really funny. The minute Jill popped out for some lunch, Bella packed everything in a suitcase and put it by the door? That’s brilliant. I want to do this to people I like, just to see their reaction. I might do this to my parents over Christmas. For a little context, Jill and Erik began dating in February 2017. If Bella is now 12, this fateful vacation took place last year, which means they’d been dating a year. So after a year the kids still didn’t want Jill around? Or were they just not ready for her to come on vacation with them yet? When Jill and Erik got engaged last May, all the kids plus both sets of parents were present to help them celebrate so I take her at her word that Bella is now on board with her joining the family. I’m not sure I buy they are ‘best friends’, though. I’m sure they do talk it out and that Bella is cool. But she’s also clever and clearly a planner, so Jill might want to lock her closet when she steps out, just in case. At least until Bella’s through puberty.

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