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“To Catch A Beautician” Exclusive: Tyrone Wanted A “Baldy” Like Common… Instead He Got A “Bumpy” Like Johnson [VIDEO]

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Source: Courtesy VH1 / Viacom

Happy Monday! A brand new episode of “To Catch A Beautician” airs tonight on VH1 at 10 PM EST / 9PM CST but we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure, right now! Tyrone wanted a baldy like Common… instead he got a hot, bumpy mess! Check out the clip below:

YIKES!!! Are Johnny and Tamar going to be able to fix this one? Poor baby has a bad case of bumps on the back of his head. We really don’t like to see it. Like REALLY. Have you ever had a hair experience this bad?!

SMH that barber was really like, ‘Yeah I got your Common alright…” He gave him some common little bumps on the head. Where do you think the barber went wrong in this situation? And what would you have done the second you saw the skin eruptions? It’s kind of interesting because that Tamar hosts this show because remember she was also rocking a baldy at one point?

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We gotta say, we REALLY hope that stylists and barbers have been tuning in for this show. We don’t want to see anyone else fall prey to these kind of mistakes. Good luck Tyrone, hope the team gets you right!

Make sure to tune in tonight to find out what happens. “To Catch A Beautician” airs at 10PM EST on Vh1!


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