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The Simpsons Hilariously Run Down 50 Reasons Why You Should Not Vote To Re-Elect Donald Trump In 2020 [Video]

TV longest-running show is bringing the pure political comedy this election season!

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The Simpsons are weighing in on the upcoming election that is set to take place in just 20 days on November 3, 2020.

Matt Groening’s series has never shied away from making statements about where they stand on political spectrum so it would be very off-brand for them to swallow their tongues now. In fact, they predicted the confluence of clusterf**ky circumstances that were living right this very moment.

Recently, America’s favorite animated family ran down 50 reasons why Donald Trump should NOT be re-elected to the White House. On top of the library of other reasons, these are fantastic and bring just a *little* levity to an otherwise deadly serious subject. If you’re like us, you’re anxious, angry, and more than a tad overwhelmed with everything going on. In many places, early voting as already begun but we seriously just want the election to be over already so we can move on with whatever we have left of our lives regardless of who wins.

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We have a feeling that nothing will happen quickly, even on election night. That said, allow the Simpsons to make a case for why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are clearly the better choice for President and Vice President respectively.


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