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The bestselling hair straightener, refreshing facial spray and high combat boots

Prime Day is coming next week and I’ll do a special post for that, probably Monday as it starts that day. I’ve been buying more items we’re featuring, which I’m hoping are deductible if I review them. I got the Ninja Hot and Cold Coffee Maker and I love it! It works great, it also makes cold brew, tea, single cups, and has a built-in frother on the side. I have only made hot coffee so far but it’s easy to use and looks so high tech on the counter. The lady shaver we talked about a couple of weeks ago is great, it works just as well as they say and I’m really pleased with that purchase. Also I just bought the fancy cool memory foam pillow, that’s coming Wednesday so I’ll let you know. I’m considering that eyelash serum so many people purchased from a few weeks ago. (I wanted to get eyelash extensions, but thanks to everyone’s advice I’m skipping them and sticking to single inserts.)

The number one bestselling hair iron
This one inch tourmaline ceramic hair straightener and curler has over 28k reviews, 4.4 stars and a B from Fakespot! It comes with a travel pouch and protective glove. It also has dual voltage so it can be used in the US or overseas. Users call it “the best flat iron I have ever had,” “the holy grail” and “awesome.” It’s also said to feel ” really professional and state of the art” and to be “really easy to use” while heating up fast. There’s a video that highlights its features, including anti-snag plates with curved edges and protectant features which automatically adjust the temperature for even heat. So many women swear by this iron.

Really cute and affordable high combat boots
One of my Instagram friends was wearing these in a story she posted. I asked her about them and it turns out they’re from Amazon and are less than $50. These might be a fall item but I’m posting them now before I forget! These boots by Wild Diva come in 11 different color and hardware options, either gold or silver. Women say they love them, call them “super comfortable right out of the box,” “not too tight or too loose” and say they fit both larger and average-sized calves.

A bamboo silverware drawer organizer to upgrade your kitchen
I need to replace my lousy plastic silverware organizer and this would do just the trick. It looks so upscale too. This expandable drawer organizer by Amazon basics can be used for multiple purposes, including silverware, junk storage, and art supplies. This has 370 reviews, 4.4 stars and an A from Fakespot. Plus it’s just over $20! Some people say it doesn’t hold up to a lot of crap but most people love it. One buy calls it “very sturdy,” and writes that it’s “well made and looks beautiful.”

A facial spray duo for a luxurious refresh
My friend loves this stuff, but it feels indulgent to me to spend $14 on extra products to spray on my face. That’s never stopped me before though. This gentle mist by Mario Badescu comes in a duo of both rosewater and cucumber with green tea. You get four ounces of each for just $14. Users say it’s “perfect for all skin types” and is “so refreshing and hydrating.”

A cloth to remove even waterproof makeup with just water
Do I need a makeup eraser because it looks so much fancier and more effective than a washcloth. This microfiber cloth has 4.4 stars, over 700 reviews and an A from Fakespot. All you do is wet this thoroughly and it removes makeup as well as cleansing products. Reviewers write that “It definitely takes off my full-coverage foundation, waterproof eyeliner and mascara” and that it’s “nothing short of amazing!” This costs $20 and women love it. However we did feature a similar cheaper product a few weeks ago, the Moja cloth, here’s a link to that.

A leather crossbody designer dupe
I’m making that face when you see something cute you want and purse your lips into an O. This gorgeous leather purse is under $66 for the large version and comes in three different sizes, a couple of different styles and in gray, brown and black. It’s got a cool-looking chain and hardware which makes it look like it’s several times the cost. It has about 27 reviews, 4.3 stars and an A from Fakespot. A woman who bought the large gray one (that’s the one I want!) says “The leather is beautiful and soft, the size of the large bag is perfect” and that “It is nearly indistinguishable in quality from the Chloe and even the dust bag appears to have been upgraded.” This is shipped from overseas and may take a little longer to arrive.

Organic argan oil for hair, skin and nailcare
We have featured Argan oil before, it’s a great product. This certified organic argan oil by Kate Blanc is just $13 for a full four ounces. People say it’s great for their skin and nails and some women use it as a heat protectant for hair. This has over 1,700 reviews, 4.5 stars and a B from Fakespot. Reviewers write that it’s “great for skin, hair” and that “it does help, just don’t overdo it.”

Thanks for reading and commenting on our affiliate post! As always please let me know if you have a product or idea for future posts, it definitely helps.

The bestselling hair straightener, refreshing facial spray and high combat boots 2 The bestselling hair straightener, refreshing facial spray and high combat boots 3 The bestselling hair straightener, refreshing facial spray and high combat boots 4 The bestselling hair straightener, refreshing facial spray and high combat boots 5



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