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Terrorism: A Collection Of Videos Showing The Police Being The Aggressors During The Protests Over The Weekend

Protsting the death of George Floyd in Los Angeles

Source: Kent Nishimura / Getty

We know what you’ve heard: there are riots and protests happening across the country that are tearing up communities. We know that the narrative is that we are tearing up our own communities or harming our own causes.

F*** that. Here’s the truth, if you pay attention to any of the videos you’ve seen across the internet over the past few days: the police are the agitators. They are the ones escalating all the protests by being out of hand. They seem to be doing more rioting than anyone else.

Just look at this video of two AUC students getting yanked out of their car, tased and abused. They were on their way home trying to beat the curfew and were assaulted. This is a crime. These crimes keep happening across the country and it’s time to point them out.

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Hit the flip and see more of the police wreaking havoc.


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