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Teresa Giudice Comforted by Real Housewives After Losing Her Father

On Friday, April 3, Giacinto Giudice passed away.

The late, beloved family patriarch was 76 years old.

Teresa posted a moving tribute to her dearly departed father.

Over the weekend, she was bombarded with love and emotional support from friends and castmates.

Real Housewives, both present and former, from all across the franchise have been sending her comfort and kindness.

See these sweet tributes for yourself:

1. Giacinto Giudice passed away on Friday, April 3

Teresa giudice and giacinto gorga
“My father, my protector, my hero, God took you early this morning to be with mommy, I saw you peacefully pass & I know you kept fighting for my daughters and I. I have so many amazing thoughts of you, every day seeing you in the kitchen at my home, teaching my girls to cook, my partner in crime on shopping trips, your love of the shore & my travel buddy,” Teresa’s Instagram tribute to him begins.
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2. Most remember him as Nonno

Teresa giudice and parents
“You always wanted everyone to have a good time, eat great food, have a stiff drink and enjoy life. You are the absolute strongest man I know & I know you missed mommy so much but you stayed for us. Thank you for being the best husband, father & Nonno,” her tribute affirms.

3. He will be missed

Teresa giudice and dad
Teresa concludes: “Your devotion to mommy was one for the record books, you were the true example and a gentleman and devoted husband. You visited mommy every single day & would go twice for the days you missed while traveling or if you were to sick to go, my silver lining is knowing you’ll be together now.”
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4. Joe Gorga

Joe gorga speaks at the reunion
“I can’t believe he is gone The world lost an amazing man human being today,” he writes. “He was exactly what a true father and husband should be. I will miss you more than you know, But go find your wife because I know that’s all you want and all you’ve ever talked about for the past 3 years. You will be missed every single day.”

5. Melissa Gorga

Melissa gorga is gorgeous
“You were such an incredible man and such a loving Nonno,” Melissa says. “They don’t make them like you anymore. Thank you for teaching my husband how to treat his wife the way you treated yours. Thank you for teaching me how to cook everything I make. Thank you for all the energy you’ve always brought everywhere you went. Run to your wife. She’s waiting for you.”
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6. Joe Giudice

Joe giudice mocks the lockdown
“Thank you for setting an example for us and my girls-you’re an exemplary example. We benefited from it every day,” he addresses his late Father-in-Law. “Your [heart] and my dad are smiling in this tough time because they get to enjoy your good food and funny jokes. Cin cin”

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