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St. Louis white couple armed with automatic weapons threatens BLM protesters


St. Louis, Missouri has seen steady Black Lives Matter activism and protests, just like the rest of the country and the world. The way various local and state politicians and police forces have “handled” the protests has widely differed. In St. Louis, Mayor Lyda Krewson decided to use a Facebook Live briefing to name and doxx Black Lives Matter activists – just regular citizens – who have vocalized support for defunding the police and/or who have tried to get St. Louis to change their community policing.

What followed was even stronger protesting throughout St. Louis. Apparently, BLM activists and protesters were somewhere in a wealthier neighborhood. Which is where this happened:

Internet people think that these two are lawyers with their own firm (McCloskey Law Center), which would probably explain the big mansion and the giant automatic weapon. These two brandished their weapons and threatened protesters who were lawfully gathered in the street.

This whole thing is terrifying… for the protesters. Not only do they have to worry about being shot, pepper-sprayed, beaten and trampled by the police, now regular old unhinged, barefoot, polo-wearing Karens are brandishing automatic weapons and threatening activists from their lawns.


Photos courtesy of social media.


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