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SMH: Pablo Escobar’s Brother Is Suing Apple for $2.6 Billion Over An Alleged Security Flaw In iPhones

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Pablo Escobar’s brother–who’s definitely no stranger to the idea of insane lawsuits–is suing Apple over an alleged vulnerability within their iPhones.

According to reports from TMZ, Roberto Escobar has filed a $2.6 billion lawsuit against the tech giant, claiming the security flaws of his iPhone X put his life in danger. The 73-year-old says he purchased the device in spring of 2018, only after an Apple employee reassured him that the iPhone X was the most secure phone on the market.

According to the complaint, Escobar later received a threatening letter from a man named Diego, who claimed he found Escobar’s address by hacking into the FaceTime app. Once he conducted his own “investigation,” Roberto determined his device was compromised. After this realization, Escobar claims he had to relocate and increase his security out of fear for his safety, which was both extremely expensive and put a toll on his mental state.

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But it doesn’t end with the billion-dollar lawsuit. Escobar has also launched a 24 karat gold-plated iPhone 11 that is available to purchase for only $499. He reportedly told the publication this was one of the ways he was sticking it to Apple.

Escobar’s new website,, will reportedly prove “how the people of the world were scammed by Apple Inc, buying crap for crazy prices.” If he wins this case, Roberto told TMZ he will donate all of the money to everyone who ever purchased an iPhone.

While it doesn’t seem likely that Escobar will get billions of dollars out of Apple for this, that amount wouldn’t even make a dent in the trillion dollar company’s worth. Good luck, Roberto!


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