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Shaun Robinson Calls Out Black Lives Matter Bandwagon Jumper Billy Bush With A Reminder She Has Receipts

Access Hollywood - Season 2014

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Listen, we already knew what time it was with Billy Bush when we heard that old audio of him on the receiving end of that Trump “grab her by the pu$$y” conversation, but Shaun Robinson pretty put the nail in the coffin Wednesday when she called Bush out for promoting an interview he did discussing George Floyd’s murder with correspondent and former NFL player Nate Burleson.

After Bush tweeted out the interview, Shaun responded, “I appreciate you being an ally NOW. But if you want to talk about the pain #WhitePrivilege causes African Americans, you should probably also talk to the black woman who sat next to you on the set of #AccessHollywood for years.”

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We can only imagine. Remember when Al Roker, literally one of the mildest mannered people in journalism, flipped out on Bush when he was at NBC?

Wanda Sykes also had words for Bush:

“Hey Billy, go take a seat next to Chachi.”

Thursday morning Shaun posted a message on her Instagram and Twitter that read, “If you don’t live it as a principle, don’t hashtag it for publicity.” She used the caption #noparttimeallies

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