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Sensational: Dallas PD Shuts Down App Asking For Proof Of Illegal Protest Activity After Being Flooded By K-Pop Stans

Dallas Police Shooting

Source: picture alliance / Getty

Over the weekend, the Dallas Police Department tried to get their community to snitch on each other by reporting any illegal activity during protests through their iWatch Dallas app.

Immediately, people from all over the world were critical of this tactic, asking if they wanted us all to send in videos of the police officers and all of the illegal activity they’ve been at the helm of over the past week.

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Instead of simply complaining about it, Twitter users ended up flooding the official app with completely unrelated videos, memes, and K-pop fancams in an effort to make footage from anyone who actually did snitch unobtainable. 

It all started when certain accounts throughout the K-pop fandom decided to make a call to action, telling their followers to download to app and upload fancams in an effort to “make it SO HARD for them to find anything besides our faves dancing.”



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