8 mins ago

    Poverty in the UK is ‘systematic’ and ‘tragic’, says UN special rapporteur

    The UK’s social safety net has been “deliberately removed”, says a UN-commissioned report on the UK.…
    13 mins ago

    India election 2019: ‘I want child marriage to end’

    Saidabo Sayyad says her first vote will go to a politician who ends child marriage in…
    1 hour ago

    Indonesia arrests dozens after violent post-election clashes

    Police fired tear gas after peaceful mass rallies against the re-election of President Joko Widodo turned…
    1 hour ago

    US firms in China fear ‘retaliation’ against Huawei curbs: AmCham

    A top lobby group says US firms in China are worried about Beijing’s response to curbs…
    2 hours ago

    Philippine mid-terms: Duterte consolidates grip on power

    A landslide for his allies gives him power to push policies such as restoring the death…
    3 hours ago

    The effects of air pollution on human health

    People with lung conditions describe the impact air pollution has on their health. Read More source
    3 hours ago

    Virginia Uber driver was Somali war criminal – jury

    Thirty-one years after he was left for dead, one of the taxi-driver’s victims has his day…
    3 hours ago

    In pictures: Protests across US against abortion bans

    Thousands of people protest in several cities against tough laws restricting terminations. Read More source
    4 hours ago

    We Are Middlesbrough: Pregnant teenagers tell their story

    Robyn and Megan say falling pregnant as teenagers changed their lives for the better. Read More…
    4 hours ago

    ‘People should love who they want to’

    Inside a school where the “No Outsiders” diversity programme is taught. Read More source
    4 hours ago

    ‘I hope my burn will make my kids less judgemental’

    How one man with a facial difference hopes the next generation will be more tolerant. Read…
    4 hours ago

    Brexit: PM under fire over new Brexit plan

    The prime minister will make her case in Parliament later, as opposition against it seems to…

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