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Sam Heughan is taking a self-isolating vacation in Hawaii & his fans are mad about it

Sam Heughan at arrivals for OUTLANDER Se...

Sam Heughan and the Outlander cast managed to do the bulk of the promotion for Outlander’s current season before all hell broke loose in the world. Sam did still have some media obligations last week (for a different project), but they were cancelled and he ended up flying to Hawaii when everyone realized just how bad everything would get. Which… I understand? I mean, if you had to choose a place to spend in isolation for a few months, wouldn’t many people choose Hawaii? But of course, lots of people took issue with Sam’s Hawaiian vacation lockdown:

“Outlander” star Sam Heughan clapped back at Twitter users who criticized him for vacationing in Hawaii while the coronavirus rages. The Scottish actor was answering questions on Twitter for fans in a live Q&A event when he revealed that he was holidaying in Hawaii after a scheduled appearance at PaleyFest to promote his latest project, “Bloodshot,” was canceled.

“I’m in Hawaii,” Heughan noted during the Q&A, “Came here before travel ban. Rather concerned to return to UK. Certainly safer here for now. Hope you’re safe and your family too!”

That response from the 39-year-old actor prompted another fan to ask: “Wait — so you had the vacation you’re currently on booked knowing you were committed to Paley? Or did you book it even though you knew there was a rising global pandemic? Doesn’t add up. People are dying, being quarantined, and many have lost their jobs. This is serious, dude.”

Heughan curtly responded: “Thank you for your concern….Yes people ARE dying. It’s terrifying. For your information, I booked once I knew Paley was cancelled. Is that okay with you?”

“The Spy Who Dumped Me” actor also received flack for choosing Hawaii as the spot to quarantine after David Ige, the state’s governor, announced on March 17th that all visitors, “postpone their vacations for at least the next thirty days” in the hopes of quelling the spread of the coronavirus. Fans called Heughan “irresponsible” and “putting potential added strain” on the island’s medical system. But Heughan angrily responding calling critics “rude or completely disillusional (sic),” noting that he was “self-isolating/taking care” while vacationing.

On Saturday, Hueghan announced the launch of a “30-Day Social-Distancing Challenge” workout through his fitness company, My Peak Challenge, noting that it would be free for all.

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Personally, I think attacking Sam in this particular instance was kind of… off-side and nitpicky? He is not a doctor. He’s not a medical professional. People like Sam are being told to stay isolated and out of everyone’s way. Which is what he’s doing. I don’t know how long he’s been in Hawaii, but everything here in America really started to hit the fan about 16 days ago? And it sounds like that was around the time when Sam booked his trip to Hawaii. And of course he’s better off staying in place in Hawaii than trying to get back to the UK in the middle of a pandemic!

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Sam Heughan at arrivals for The 72nd Ann...

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Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well through these unusual times. I’d like to thank EVERY healthcare worker, everyone helping to keep us safe. For our part, is critical we establish healthy habits and maintain an active lifestyle. We will feel better but also strengthen our immune system. To make it easier, I’ve put together a 30-Day Social-Distancing Challenge which will be FREE and available to EVERYONE to access on our website: @mypeakchallenge (link in bio) With accessible and easy, daily exercises and yoga sessions for the next 30 days. Feel free to share it with your community, friends, family and let’s spend the next few days as active as we can when at home! Let’s be kind to each other, look out for the whole world and support each other the best way we can. Let’s also spread some positivity and great energy into the world and always remember as contagious as this virus has been, positivity is even more contagious!!! Sending much love and warm thoughts to you all.x #MPC2020 #Together #GlobalCommunity #SDC30

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Sam Heughan at arrivals for The 72nd Ann...
Sam Heughan at arrivals for OUTLANDER Se...


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