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Regina King says her dog was ‘representing the senior dogs’ at the Globes

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Every time I see Regina King, I am filled with so much joy. My girl has been winning since she played Brenda Jenkins on 227. She went from that little role into an award winning career and her rise has been miraculous. Seeing her this weekend celebrating Andra Day’s Golden Globes win just made me love her more. Besides looking like a whole armored snack in a one shoulder silver and black Louis Vuitton dress, Regina’s cutest Globes accessory was her dog. He is named Cornbread and is a 15-year-old senior dog that is living his best life. Regina was recently on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about her film, One Night in Miami, which is currently on Amazon Prime. Seth and Regina talked a wide range of subjects including her dog, her night on SNL and One Night in Miami. Below are a few excerpts via Youtube:

On her experience on SNL:
All praises to the writers and the actors and the entire production team. I was just blown away. I feel like I can never ever in my life say anything about something that may not be funny to me on SNL. Because what they do to bring that show to us every week is just nothing short of a miracle.

On her senior dog Cornbread stealing her Golden Globe moment:
I am not (jealous of Cornbread stealing the day). Cornbread is 15 years old. He deserves all of the attention to just be hanging in there and representing for the senior dogs.

Was she familiar with One Night in Miami as a stage play before directing the movie?
I was not. Reading the screenplay was my introduction to it. I guess I must have been off working somewhere because I usually am up to date when it comes to the theatre scene in L.A. because it is so small.

Did she know when she was kid on sitcoms that she wanted to be behind the camera?
It took me a longer time to come to that conclusion. I was picking up things along the way. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re the sponge until later on in life. But I am glad that I was absorbing all of this information. I have had the blessing of being able to work alongside some real powerhouses and I feel like I was being groomed if you will, if you can say that, in a positive light. Somewhere around 35 I started to take in all of the jobs. It was around that time that I started to pay attention.

[From Seth Meyers on Youtube]

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I loved everything about this interview. Then again I love anything that allows me to listen to Regina King for a few minutes. I really enjoyed hearing say her desire to be on the other side of the camera didn’t come until her mid thirties. That gives me so much hope as I didn’t pick up my camera until after forty. The thing that put the biggest smile on my face was discovering her dog’s name was Cornbread. That is the cutest thing I have heard all damn day. I also like that Cornbread is a senior dog. It is just sweet and makes Regina that much more lovable. I also think it is cool that Seth thinks of Regina as a comedienne and to be fair she had great comedic timing in 227 as Brenda. I did enjoy Regina on SNL and I believe her when she said that it takes a sh*t ton of work to produce each segment.

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Anyhow, Regina can keep killing these red carpet looks, being a total girl’s girl, and hanging out with a senior dog. And I will continue to fangirl over her and watch everything she produces and acts in. In fact this weekend I will finally get around to watching One Night in Miami as I will have time to sit for a couple of hours to watch a movie. Good luck to Regina this awards season. She definitely deserves every good thing coming her way.

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You can watch the full interview here:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Regina King (@iamreginaking)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Regina King (@iamreginaking)


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