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Red Table Talk: Willow Smith Wore Lingerie For The 1st Time In Front Of Millions For The Savage X Fenty Show

It’s Transformation Tuesday!

Willow Smith Red Table Talk

Source: Sophy Holland / Facebook Watch

“Red Table Talk” launched a new episode today dedicated to some powerful weight loss transformation stories. The ladies also celebrated Willow’s transformation into a young woman who wore lingerie for the first time for the Savage x Fenty show.

“You’ve had some transformations this year, Miss Willow,” Jada said. ” You really stepped into your womanhood and you basically showed the world your transformation during your [Savage x Fenty] strut.”

“I walked in and the dancers are just like dancing and they’re sweating and it’s super hot and heavy and…as soon as I got in there I was like ‘Oh God, maybe I can’t handle this. Maybe this is not my place.’” Willow recalled. “That comes from my insecurity, but I put on the clothes and I looked at myself and I said ‘you’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna vibe it out.’”

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“I remember she FaceTimed me when she was doing the fitting,” Jada said.

“And I was like ‘You need to see this!” Willow remembered.

“But I had already seen the outfits, alright?” Jada recalled. “So I knew she was going to be in lingerie, right? She was like, ‘Mom, this is what I’m wearing.’ I was like, ‘YES! Let them have it, Willow!’”

“I was surprised!” Willow said. ” I was very surprised, because I had never worn lingerie in my entire life. My first time, in front of the whole world, ever wearing lingerie. Ever. I just felt so empowered. I felt like I was stepping into my–”

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“The year of lingerie!” Jada added.

“And the year of me, like, becoming a woman,” Willow said. ” I just want to continue to get more confident and just [get] more comfortable in my own skin.”

After their discussion about Willow’s transformation, the three hosts welcomed six different guests who lost a combined 1,000 pounds. During the powerful reveals about these transformations, Jada, Willow and Gammy also revealed some of their own food realizations.

“I think it’s so important for people to understand how much food can alter your emotions, can alter how you look at things, how you feel about things,” Jada said. “It can create depression.”

“Yeah, because even for you – you said that salt–” Gam interjected.

“–makes me angry,” Jada finished.

“Oh I’ve seen it, honey!” Willow said.

“And sugar makes me depressed,” Jada added.

“Yeah. I can say sugar makes me depressed,” Willow said.

“Sugar makes me happy. I don’t know what’s wrong with yall!” Gammy said.

“Well when you first eat it, but it’s a temporary happiness and then you hit the down,” Jada explained.

What have been some of your food realizations? Have you ever been forced to make a major transformation in your life? What spurred it? How were you most successful in reaching your goals.

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You can watch the full episode of Red Table Talk HERE


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