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Peep The Trailer For HBO’s ‘Stockton On My Mind’ About The City’s Youngest And First Black Mayor Michael Tubbs


Source: NICK OTTO / Getty

Applaud this brotha. Michael Tubbs, at age 27, became not only the youngest but also the first Black mayor of Stockton, California in 2017. Tubbs is now 29-years-old and HBO is releasing a documentary called Stockon On My Mind that recounts his incredible journey to local political power through empathy, community-building and love. Also, the ways in which his life has changed since being elected into office.

During these times of intense social and political strife, Michael Tubbs is inspiring. He reminds even the most cynical of us that there ARE some good people out there who wish to gain access to the levers of power not for their own self-interest, but to make life better for those they serve. It’s f***ing beautiful.

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Stockton On My Mind airs on July 29 at 9pm EST on HBO. Until then, we highly suggest you watch this trailer and we dare you not to shed one thug tear.


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