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“Notorious Queens” Exclusives: Mehgan James Tells Celebrity Matchmaker Her Dream Man “Has To Make AT LEAST A Million Dollars A Year!” [VIDEO]

Oh boy… Here we go!

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Have y’all been watching “Notorious Queens?” We’ve got an exclusive clip ahead of this week’s all-new episode of the ALLBLK series featuring Bad Girls Club’s Mehgan James. In the clip Mehgan explains her dream man to a celebrity matchmaker saying her dream man “has to at least make a million dollars a year!” Check out the video below:

Wow… It was interesting watching La’Britney’s reactions to Mehgan’s list, right?! What did you think of the qualities Mehgan listed? We’re glad the matchmaker brought it to her attention that most of what she listed really didn’t say much about the man’s personality or values.

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If you haven’t already been watching “Notorious Queens”, the series follows four women labeled “notorious” in the hip hop community due to their past romantic relationships and intense media coverage including Stormey Ramdhan who is the ex-fiancé and mother of two sons to Death Row Records CEO Marion “Suge” Knight, Tonesa “Toni” Welch known as “The first Lady” of Black Mafia Family (BMF), Love & Hip-Hop star and R&B singer La’Britney and famed Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives reality star Mehgan James. Their stories intertwine as they shed their past and lean on each other for support, while embracing new horizons in love, business, and friendship.

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A new episode airs Thursday, April 22nd on ALL BLK.

Will you be watching?

If you had to describe your dream man or dream woman, what would be the five most important qualities to you?


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