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Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou: Is It Really Over?!

Recent scenes on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? have left fans and viewers with a lot of questions.

Does Azan even want to see Nicole again? Because he doesn’t seem to be acting like it.

Now, fans have seen their assumptions seemingly confirmed by rumors that the long-distance, long-term relationship has finally come to an end.

Critics of the couple are celebrating. Fans of the couple, who wanted Nicole to find her happiness, are in mourning.

Others just want to know what they should believe. With Nicole and Azan, anything could be misleading.

(Remember Azan’s “shop?” Yeah. We remember that, too)

Now, Nicole is opening up in a Q&A about her controversial relationship, the rumor of heartbreak, and her attitude moving forward.

1. Are Nicole and Azan over?

Nicole and azan on 90 day fiance
That’s the rumor that’s been floating around for days, now, and Nicole is opening up about this obviously sensitive topic.

2. Nicole likes to keep fans up to date

Nicole calls azan 08 nicole wants the spark back
Even when commenters say unkind things about her as a reality star, a mother, and a human being, Nicole strives to keep her followers up-to-date on her life.

3. That’s why she does Q&As

Nicole calls azan 01
Nicole will open herself up to questions on Instagram, even knowing that some of them will involve rude challenges to her life decisions.

4. That’s how she let THIS slip recently

Nicole nafziger may 16 q and a 08 soon secret is out
Back in May, Nicole told fans that she was going to start a YouTube channel when she met up with Azan in Morocco. Then, just a short time after telling her followers that when she’d see Azan again was a secret, she revealed that it would be “in the next few months,” meaning summer of 2019 most likely.

5. Fans aren’t the only ones with questions

Nicole calls azan 02
Just recently, viewers saw Nicole’s family try to be encouraging even though they had their doubts

6. There’s just one problem

Nicole calls azan 04 wont listen to mom
Even when Bobbalee is trying to sound optimistic, Nicole seems to try to tune out her mom.

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