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Nick Cannon’s NEW Baby Mama Abby De La Rosa Reveals The Gender Of Her “Ncredible” Twin Embryos

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Congrats are in order for Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon! Abby, a 30-year-old DJ from LA, has seemingly confirmed that Nick is her babies’ daddy and they’re expecting to have twin boys!

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Abby made the special announcement on Instagram, writing:

True kings don’t die; they multiply. Our SONS, we can’t wait to meet you both.

In the clip from the reveal, you can see an extra set of hands on the mother-to-be’s pregnant belly and we’re assuming those brown fingers belong to Mr. Cannon himself. Take a look.

In a second post, sharing a similar video from her gender reveal Abby goes the extra mile to mention her unborn with Nick boys already light up her life “Ncredibly.” Seems like a smooth way to mention her baby daddy without announcing him, right? So why not just outright mention him? Hmmm.

God knew what this strong & tough heart of mine needed. Our suns, you already light up my life Ncredibly! I wanna scream it to the world – I’M A BOY MOM!!!

In the comments on her gender reveal announcement, folks were wondering why Abby hasn’t confirmed Nick Cannon as the father of her babies yet, since rumors about them are swirling and the mother seemingly confirmed it to a follower. An Instagram user wrote, “Where’s Nick? Congrats,” to which many people responded that Nicki didn’t wanna be pictured. Another user Abby agreed with responded ,”nah, she just not gonna give y’all what you want!” Abby liked the comment, replying back, “Let em know!”

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Welp! I guess we know! What do YOU think about this announcement Nick Cannon is having twin boys?


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