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Naturally Pretty, PERIIIIOD: City Girls’ JT Denies Facial Plastic Surgery After Fans Speculate She Knifed Her Nose Up

The City Girls Labor Day Weekend Takeover

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

JT of The City Girls is denying having plastic surgery ever on her face after chatter sparked up over her appearance on social media yesterday. Fans compared and contrasted JT’s looks from her humble days as a teen in a mugshot to her more polished look today. JT, born Jatavia Shakara Johnson, swiftly shot down the rumor by posting her own side-by-side photos and sharing some thoughts.

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I never had any surgery. Please leave my chubby puberty acne mugshot alone. I was a young lost teenager in Florida sun with bad skin. Now I’m grown, paid & polished. Get over it!

Peep the photos JT posted and message reshared by OnSite.

In recent months, JT has been showing off her full glam and fashion slay on Instagram. The rapper recently revealed she hooked up with Lil Uzi Vert and they’ve been having shopping sprees and showing off their designer duds in photos.

Although JT address the plastic surgery rumors directly her fans don’t seem to be buying it! In a tweet, one fan pointed out what they think appears to be scars between JT nostrils in her upper lip, otherwise known as an alarplasty incision. Alarplasty procedures are usually done to shorten wide nostrils. JT has not responded again to rumors, however.

Fans are jumping to her defense, asking her “stan” pages to stop with the surgery gossip.

all these stan pages are kids. that’s why they harass JT about surgery in her face is weird because they don’t understand when you get money, you able to start going to a nice ass esthetician. You start exfoliating.


Do YOU believe JT when she says she didn’t have any plastic surgery to her face?


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