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Myka & James Stauffer are being investigated by authorities for ‘rehoming’ their son

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I was just looking through Myka Stauffer’s Instagram to find some of the “inspo mommy” photos she posted of her family when her family included Huxley, the son she and her husband James adopted from China. Myka and James raised Huxley for three years. Huxley has autism and some behavioral issues and so Myka and James “rehomed” him, but don’t worry, Huxley “wanted” to be rehomed, and he can make that decision even though he’s only 4 years old and developmentally disabled. Anyway, as I was saying, I was looking through her Instagram and guess what this absolutely awful woman has done? She’s gone through her posts and deleted all of them which included Huxley. I can’t even believe how f–king grotesque these people are. Huxley, the child she adopted and raised for three years, no longer gets to be part of her inspo-mommy-Instagram life. She doesn’t even want to see him on her IG.

So, true story, everyone is appalled by the Stauffers and what they did. Myka and James had corporate sponsors for their YouTube channel and those sponsors are dropping them hard. Not only that, but local authorities are now looking into this whole “rehoming” issue, which sounds a lot like human trafficking.

Local authorities are investigating the status of Huxley, the adopted child who was “rehomed” by his YouTuber parents Myka and James Stauffer. Last week the Ohio-based parenting vloggers announced in a video that they gave up the 4-year-old child they adopted from China more than two years ago. “Numerous medical professionals have felt that he needed a different fit. He needed more,” said a tearful Myka in the clip.

Now, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and “several other agencies” are investigating the case to locate the child, according to a new report from Buzzfeed News.

“We are investigating, but it is an active case and, as such, we cannot divulge too much information just yet,” Tracy Whited, who manages community and media relations for the department, told the outlet. In their original family-breakup video, Myka said that an adoption agency helped find Huxley his new home. “He’s thriving, he’s doing really well, and his new mommy has medical, professional training,” she said. The Stauffers did not reveal the names of Huxley’s new parents and urged viewers to respect their privacy.

However, a statement from their lawyers after the couple began to receive stark backlash contradicted that narrative. “To be clear this did NOT include any considerations for placement in the foster system, but rather to hand-select a family who is equipped to handle Huxley’s needs,” the statement read.

Val Turner, a spokesperson for Franklin County Children Services, confirmed to Buzzfeed that Huxley was not in their custody.

“The adoption for the Stauffer family is an international adoption, which does not involve our agency. It appears that [Myka] made arrangements with an individual person, versus an agency,” said Turner.

Myka, who was dropped by some of her sponsors after the backlash, had previously said on her YouTube channel that she and James used the World Association for Parents and Children to originally adopt Huxley from China, according to the report. The agency could not comment as to whether they were involved in the child’s second adoption, but did point out that this case was uncommon.

[From The NY Post]
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The best case scenario for all of this is that Myka and James Stauffer illegally trafficked their legal son Huxley into a loving family. The worst case scenario is that “trafficking a child to a better environment with zero oversight” is only a horrible cover story for something a million times worse. I’m glad the local police are investigating and I hope that if illegality is uncovered – and I don’t see how the Stauffers did NOT do something illegal – then they are actually punished for this tragic situation. You can’t just give away a child – excuse me, “rehome” a child – when it gets inconvenient. And you especially can’t rehome a child through some kind of shady (human trafficking) scheme.

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Photos courtesy of Myka Stauffer’s Instagram.
Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grand opening of the JVP International Cyber Center


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