Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, April 2021

Aries season is a fun time of year for you, Gemini, as the sun lights up the sector of your chart that rules friendship and community, making it a fantastic moment to network, connect with communities that share your hobbies and interests, and do what you love most: be a social butterfly!

Emotionally, Aries season is also a wonderful time to reflect on your dreams and wishes for the future. Aries energy is all about fearlessness and being a go-getter, a peppy energy that inspires you to chase your dreams instead of just thinking about them! Your ruling planet Mercury is in creative water sign Pisces at the start of the month, boosting communication concerning your career, and important conversations about money, debts, and shared resources may take place as it connects with Pluto in Capricorn on April 2. 

The energy shifts on April 3 when Mercury enters Aries, making it a fantastic time to connect with new and old friends. Plus Venus in Aries connects with Mars, currently in your sign, on April 6, making it an especially exciting moment in your social life.

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The energy slows down as Mars clashes with hazy Neptune in Pisces on April 9: It may feel like your efforts are going nowhere, but it isn’t the time to take shortcuts. Slow down and get rest, but don’t cut corners, and be especially mindful about promises that seem too good to be true. A more solid energy flows around communication on April 10 when Mercury makes a harmonious connection with Saturn in Aquarius, helping you plan for the future. Also on April 10, Venus connects with Jupiter in Aquarius, inspiring an optimistic, open-hearted atmosphere. It’s a fantastic time to connect with your partners on an intellectual level! 

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A new cycle begins in your social life thanks to the new moon in Aries on April 11, but some intense energy may also be in the air as Venus clashes with Pluto, finding you facing the facts about what you can—and can’t—expect from your friends and partners. It’s possible that people are asking for more than you can give—or that someone is tempting you with something that may not be the best idea. Either way, it’s a great time to get an unbiased person to help you plan your next move, and to be very conscious about jealousies, power struggles, and control issues that may come up. Financially, it’s an important time to think debt and the investments you’re making for your future: Don’t sign anything without reading the fine print. In any dealings, think about who is really benefiting and who gets the better end of the bargain, and ask yourself whether you truly feel safe and comfortable proceeding. Again, a second opinion could be very helpful right now.

The sun connects with Mars on April 13, bringing a burst of energy to your social life and finding you connecting with lots of exciting people—but sweet Venus enters sensual Taurus on April 14, encouraging you to slow down. As chatty as you are, Gemini, Venus in Taurus finds you especially valuing the friends and lovers you can have comfortable silences with. You may feel called to go on a secret getaway at this time. The sun connects with Jupiter on April 15 and clashes with Pluto on April 16, helping you understand things on a deeper level, but again, some control issues may pop up.

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April 17 is busy: Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter align, helping you get clear on your opinions, but Mercury squares off with Pluto, too, so you may have to have a difficult or intense conversation. Special insights are made on April 18 when the sun meets Mercury, and you’re tapping into your intuitive abilities as Mercury enters sensual earth sign Taurus on April 19.

April 19 is also the start of Taurus season, finding the sun illuminating a very private sector of your chart, encouraging you to catch up on rest and quality time with yourself and your thoughts. This is a powerful moment for inner work, therapy, and exploring your spiritual practice. Some unexpected gifts may arrive on April 22 as Venus meets Uranus, but they won’t arrive in any obvious places; make time to sit in meditation and connect with your inner voice. Stepping away from your busy life to connect with yourself could reveal something very special and valuable to you—a wonderful gift indeed! 

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Action planet Mars enters cautious Cancer on April 23, revving up the financial sector of your chart, encouraging you to get real about your budget and inspiring you to do everything you can to create security in your life. Mercury meets Uranus on April 24, bringing some surprising news or finding you having some unusual dreams: Take note of the symbols that arise and reflect on what they may mean to you. A breakthrough may take place! Mercury and Venus meet after clashing with Saturn on April 25, marking an important moment for setting boundaries; you’re craving time and space to yourself to rest and recharge. 

The full moon in Scorpio comes on April 26, bringing a project you’ve been working on to a head, and finding you ready to make a big change in your daily routine or schedule—you may even be kicking a bad habit! Mercury mingles with Neptune on April 29, encouraging creativity and finding you tapping into your intuitive abilities, and the sun meets Uranus on April 30, finding you exploring unexpected feelings! Some surprising ideas may bubble to the surface while you daydream or when you dream at night. The sun’s meeting with Uranus inspires an electric, freedom-seeking energy—just don’t over-do the coffee!

Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in May!


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