Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, April 2021

The sun is illuminating the home and family sector of your chart, putting you in a cozy and nostalgic mood. It’s a lovely time to spruce up your home and redecorate, especially as Venus, the planet of beauty, also moves through the sign of the ram. Juicy, revealing conversations take place as communication planet Mercury, currently in Pisces, connects with Pluto, which is currently in your sign, on April 2. 

More discussions about your family and living situation takes place as Mercury enters Aries on April 3; you may be organizing paperwork concerning these themes over the next few weeks. Venus connects with Mars in Gemini, inspiring a creative, productive atmosphere—but watch out for laziness as Mars clashes with Neptune in Pisces on April 9. Neptune is the planet of smoke and mirrors, and as it gets into a tough angle with warrior planet Mars, be mindful of deceit, shortcuts, and frustrations. You may feel mentally exhausted, so take it slow. 

The energy around communication improves the next day, April 10, when Mercury connects with Saturn in Aquarius, creating a more grounded atmosphere. Neptune is the planet of fantasy but your ruling planet Saturn is all about reality, and as it connects with Mercury, the planet of logic, it’s a solid time to chat! For you, dear Capricorn, it will be especially productive to discuss money and security. Also on April 10,  sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius, which bodes well for growing your wealth—Venus is the planet of love, but also money, and Jupiter brings an expansive energy wherever it goes!

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The new moon in Aries arrives on April 11, marking a fresh start in your home and family life. You may be moving or renovating, or wiping the slate clean on an emotional level, setting new boundaries and rethinking how you approach themes like privacy and security. The energy is intense during this new moon as Venus squares off with the planet of the underworld, Pluto, stirring up power struggles. Issues concerning the past, your home, or family life may be especially sensitive at this time. It’s an important moment to face and accept the truth.

The sun connects with Mars on April 13, bringing a boost of energy as you tackle your to-do list, and romance is in the air as Venus enters Taurus on April 14! Venus in fellow earth sign Taurus brings plenty of fun, creative inspiration, and love your way. Venus loves to be in sensual Taurus, so this is a pleasant planetary placement! The sun connects with lucky Jupiter on April 15, creating an energy of abundance—but power struggles may arise as the sun clashes with Pluto moon April 16. Egos are easily bruised at this time, and people’s resistance to change (even yours) will be especially sensitive at this moment. Again, watch out for power struggles.

Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter align on April 17, creating a fantastically productive energy for tackling your chores, completing projects, and getting organized at home. Also on this day, Mercury squares off with Pluto, finding you having some intense, revealing conversations. The truth may be exposed, and again, power struggles come to light. Is there something you don’t want to believe is true? Reflect on how your resistance may be preventing you from moving forward. Be mindful of manipulative speakers. Bringing in a third party to help mediate conflict could bring the breakthrough that you need.

The sun meets Mercury on April 18, bringing an important perspective concerning home and family life. Mercury and the sun enter Taurus on April 19, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules creative expression, romance, and fertility, making this an especially joyous and celebratory time! Venus and Uranus meet on April 22, creating an especially thrilling moment: You may be taking exciting risks in your artwork or experimenting with novel pleasures in your love life!

Action planet Mars enters your opposite sign Cancer on April 23, so you might find your partners more snippy than usual—but they’re also eager to get things done and feeling motivated to chase after what they want, which is exciting to cheer on! Mars in Cancer might find you setting some important boundaries, too, as you decide which partnerships are worthy of your time and energy.

Mercury meets Uranus on April 24, bringing surprising news and perhaps some unexpected party invitations. Mercury and Venus meet after clashing with Saturn on April 25, finding you setting important boundaries around money while also encouraging an open, easygoing energy around communication. The full moon in Scorpio arrives on April 26, bringing a climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your social life. Your social circle may be transforming in some way. Scorpio has a very transformative energy that’s also intense and emotional, so some drama may bubble to the surface, especially concerning your friendships and communities. But Mercury and Neptune connect on April 29, creating a gentle and understanding energy around communication. The sun meets Uranus on April 30, inspiring a free-spirited atmosphere! You could see some unexpected excitement in your love life or a creative breakthrough.

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in May! 


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