Monthly Horoscope: Aries, April 2021

Happy solar return, Aries! Your birthday season is here: The sun is in your sign and you’re feeling reinvigorated and excited to take on the next year!

Your intuition is especially sharp as Mercury, the planet of the mind, moves through sensitive water sign Pisces. You’re having some deep conversations as on April 2 as Mercury connects with the planet of the underworld, Pluto, which is currently in Capricorn. Secrets may be shared, as Mercury is the planet of information and Pluto of hidden things. Mercury enters your sign, Aries, on April 3, putting you in a chattier mood—you may have been shy or quiet while Mercury was in day-dreamy Pisces, but not anymore!

On April 6, Venus (currently in your sign) connects with your ruling planet Mars in Gemini, creating a fun atmosphere that’s fantastic for flirtatious banter! Some sweet messages may be exchanged. Your ruling planet Mars squares off with hazy Neptune on April 9, which could make for a very lazy energy. Let yourself rest! But do be mindful of shadiness, deception, or people shrugging off things that deserve more attention—this probably isn’t the best day for an important conversation! 

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A more supportive energy flows around communication on April 10 when Mercury connects with stable Saturn in Aquarius, encouraging a grounded, responsible mindset. Venus also connects with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius on this day, which bodes well for your social life! You’re feeling especially popular, and it’s a great time to network. Jupiter is all about growth and expansion, and you’re meeting tons of friends as it moves through social air sign Aquarius—plus, its connection with charming Venus boosts your popularity!

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The new moon in Aries arrives on April 11: This is a brilliant time for a makeover! A fresh start in how you present yourself to the world and in your relationships is here—but take it slow as Venus also clashes with Pluto, urging us to take a sensitive approach to things. Themes like envy or jealousy may come up, but this is also a powerful time to set boundaries. Be honest with yourself about what makes you feel uncomfortable: Don’t settle for things just because you want to be easy to get along with…or worse, because you’re afraid of someone else’s bad temper! Bring in the help of a third party, and use the energy of this new moon to create a fresh start in your life. 

The sun connects with your ruling planet Mars on April 13, creating a productive atmosphere for communication, and blessings arrive in the financial sector of your chart as Venus enters Taurus, which bodes well for comfort and luxury! You’re feeling confident as the sun connects with jovial Jupiter on April 15; this is a fantastic time to connect with some groups or communities that share your interests. The sun clashes with Pluto on April 16, finding you seriously considering issues concerning your career and life in public: This is a powerful moment to rethink the direction you want to take things. If you’ve been getting into power struggles with people at work, this is a crucial opportunity to bring in a mediator or figure out a new approach.  

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April 17 finds Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter in alignment, bringing exciting conversations and meetings your way! This is a thrilling moment in your social life—but Mercury also clashes with power planet Pluto on this day, which could find you having some very intense conversations as well. An important perspective arrives on April 18 as the sun meets Mercury. The sun and messenger planet Mercury enter Taurus on April 19, creating a focused energy, especially when it comes to organizing your finances, dear ram.

A bubbly, flirtatious atmosphere descends on April 22 when Venus meets Uranus…something unexpected and valuable may unexpectedly land in your lap! Your ruling planet Mars enters Cancer on April 23, finding you taking charge with issues concerning home and family—you might be moving or renovating, or working out things like boundaries and privacy. More surprising news, possibly about your income, comes on April 24 when Mercury meets Uranus. 

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Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all align on April 25, finding you having important conversations about money, expectations, and the future. If you’re working with a group toward a goal, this is an important time to get on the same page about how you organize time, money, and energy. Independently, in your own personal goals, it’s crucial that you get real about what it will take to make things happen!

The full moon in Scorpio arrives on April 26, which is a hugely powerful moment to pay off a debt or consciously create closure from the past. Issues concerning debts, taxes, inheritances, or shared resources may come to a head. Mercury and Neptune connect on April 29, boosting creativity, and the sun meets Uranus on April 30, encouraging us to experiment—a free-spirited energy flows!

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in May!


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