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Messy: Wendy Williams Threatens Brother Tommy With “Receipts”, He Says She Skipped Mom’s Funeral To Eat With Her Ex


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Wendy Williams and her younger brother Tommy Williams have been family feuding all over the media recently, but will they be able to come back from all of this?

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The beef between Wendy and Tommy escalated after On Monday’s episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’ Wendy threatened to expose “receipts” on her brother after he got online and told everyone she didn’t attend their mother’s funeral.

The talk show host insinuated there were skeletons in Tommy’s closet, threatening to expose them to her viewers and his wife if he didn’t stop accusing her of “abandoning” her father and skipping their mother’s funeral. In his initial video shared to his youtube page, Tommy appeared to plea for answers from his sister regarding why she allegedly didn’t show up to mourn their mother who recently passed away.


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Tommy seemed to be obviously heavily grieving, but Wendy was far from sensitive in her response.

“Tommy, let me tell you something right now. All you are is my brother,” she began. “You better stop talking the way you’re talking because now it’s dripping into my comment page. See, I wasn’t searching for Tommy. You know what I mean? I was simply looking about how people felt about last week’s show, or the dresses, or the guests we had on. We do a nice production here. I’m minding my business. And I’m seeing a lot of comments about ‘Oh, your brother doesn’t like you,’ or ‘You better watch your back because your brothers on one,’ or ‘Wendy I can’t believe you’re this kind of person.’ He’s pegging me to be this kinda person I’m not.

Wendy continued, threatening to put Tommy’s personal business on blast.

“Honey, you don’t want me to start pegging you to be the kinda person you are. With full-blown receipts. I could fill the audience with receipts. With leftovers around the block.”

“You are my brother. Let’s keep it that way. If you wanna talk on the internet then you talk about the things you think you know about yourself. You don’t wanna talk about the things that I know about you. For sure.”

The media mogul ended her rant with a quick jab at Tommy’s sexuality and a warning for him and his wife.

“By the way, do you like my dress Tommy? He would like a dress like this….You and your wife better get your life — before I get it for you.”

Skip to the 5:55 mark to hear Wendy ether her brother Tommy.

Messy, right?!

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Tommy Williams has responded already to Wendy’s harsh remarks about him on her show and he expounded a bit more on why he was upset. Tommy claimed Wendy did attend their mom’s wake ceremony, as did her ex Kevin Hunter Sr., but he’d like some clarity on why she allegedly lied to skip out on the funeral. Tommy claimed Wendy was at lunch with her ex in NYC as the funeral for her mother went on, something that doesn’t sit quite right with him.


Hit play to hear his full response below.


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