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Megan Thee Stallion Reveals She’s Going To Open An Assisted Living Facility After Graduating This Fall

Megan Thee Stallion has big plans for herself, and not all of them involve her flourishing career in the music business.

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The rapper revealed these personal goals while responding to a fan who tried to come at her in a now-deleted tweet. In this exchange, Megan assured everyone following her journey that she is still on track to graduate from college this fall.

“Mam Im abt to Graduate in the fall and still gone open my facility,” she wrote. “Hope you get them retweets doe.”

“They swore I wasn’t gone get that degree,” she continued in another tweet, adding some laughing face emojis. “SIKE.”

This is far from the first time Meg has mentioned that her goal is to open an assisted living facility in her hometown of Houston. Before making her way into the hip-hop scene, Thee Stallion was a full-time student at Texas Southern University studying health administration. Even though her career taking off has forced her to become a part-time student, she’s always maintained that her goal is to finish school no matter what.

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While it’s hard to believe that one of the biggest rappers in the world has been able to keep up with her school work, anyone who follows Megan knows just how much emphasis she’s always put on her education.

Back in October of last year, the Houston hottie teamed up with Amazon and Rap Rotation to create the “Don’t Stop” Scholarship. The initiative granted two young lucky women of color $10,000 to keep pursuing their higher education.

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