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Longtime Republican operatives are working on Kanye West’s ‘campaign’

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We all knew this was the whole “point” of Kanye West’s “presidential run,” but it is still pretty stark to see it all out in the open. Kanye West is a Donald Trump supporter. He’s said in multiple (manic) interviews that he still supports Trump and that he’s doing whatever he can to ensure that Joe Biden doesn’t get elected. And Kanye’s presidential run is just an extension of that – a cheap and tacky attempt to “siphon” Democratic voters away from Biden:

The effort to get Kanye West on the ballot as a third-party candidate in several states is increasingly looking like an operation run by President Trump’s allies and Republican activists that is aimed at diverting votes from Joseph R. Biden Jr. The move, which comes as Mr. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, has said her husband is struggling with mental illness, underscores that this will be an unusual, and unusually bare-knuckled, presidential election.

The strategy became overt on Tuesday, when Lane Ruhland, a lawyer who has worked for the Trump campaign, delivered ballot signatures to Wisconsin elections officials on behalf of the West campaign. Ms. Ruhland worked for the state Republican Party during Wisconsin’s recount in the 2016 presidential election. She has been representing the Trump campaign in a lawsuit filed this year against a Wisconsin television station for airing an advertisement criticizing the president’s coronavirus response.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also reported that at least five other people connected to Mr. West’s Wisconsin bid are active in the Republican Party or are Trump supporters. Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesman, said there was no legal conflict with a Trump campaign lawyer’s involvement in the West operation. “We have no knowledge of anything Kanye West is doing or who is doing it for him,” Mr. Murtaugh said.

Several other people active in the party are connected to Mr. West’s candidacy. One operative, Mark Jacoby, is an executive at a company called Let the Voters Decide, which has been collecting signatures for the West campaign in Ohio, West Virginia and Arkansas. Mr. Jacoby was arrested on voter fraud charges in 2008 while he was doing work for the California Republican Party, and he later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

[From The NY Times]
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From the Republican party, this is what I expect. I don’t think this breaks any campaign/election laws, and so be it. But from Kanye and his people… Yesus, this is disgusting. And don’t even start with “he’s mentally ill, he’s just being used!” These are his politics, no matter his mental health status. This is who he is and he’s shown us that hundreds of times over the past five years.

Meanwhile, TMZ has a story about Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s island getaway and how “politics is off the table.” Sources tell TMZ that “Kim and Kanye aren’t going to hash out any political differences while working out their family issues… In fact, we’re told the couple hasn’t talked politics in a long time.” Kanye has made it clear that “he’s continuing his bid for The White House” and it’s a “non-negotiable issue” for him. Which is pathetic.

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Even John Legend called out Kanye:

Trump Kanye Meeting

Kanye White House

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Kanye White House
Kanye White House
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Trump Kanye Meeting
Trump Kanye Meeting
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