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Larissa Lima Gets WHAT Bleached?! "It’s So Pink Now!"

Back in February, Larissa Lima showed off her new face and new hair.

She had undergone a few procedures, including jawline fillers and a good old-fashioned haircut.

Now, Larissa has undergone another, more intimate procedure.

You might say that she has changed her ring tone. And we’re not talking about her phone.

As Larissa shared with her fans, she got her private bits bleached.

She shared a photo along with the announcement, and cannot stop raving about the color.

1. Larissa Lima got some more work done!

Larissa lima smiles in an interview
You’re probably thinking that maybe headlines are misleading, and Larissa got lip fillers or something. Nope. She makes that very clear.

2. Larissa posted this photo to Instagram

Larissa lima at spoiled laser
In the captions, she writes “Love to get my private parts bleached at Spoiled Laser :)” followed by three red heart emojis.

3. She loves the results

Larissa lima got bleached
Larissa writes: “It’s so pink now!!” followed by a VERY illustrative emoji of a tight, circular, pink flower.

4. She doesn’t really spell it out, but …

Larissa lima gets a makeover
What she’s talking about is likely anal bleaching. Notably, this does not usually refer to literal “bleach,” the chemical, but lightening skin tone. There IS such a thing as “vaginal bleaching,” in which parts of the labia are lightened in color, but between common sense and Larissa’s emoji choice, anal bleaching sounds like the most likely procedure.

5. This is not Larissa’s first cosmetic rodeo

Larissa lima gets a facial injection
Just one month after her disastrous, scary breakup with Colt Johnson, Larissa underwent a dramatic beauty makeover

6. She changed her face

Larissa lima new jawline 01
The surprisingly subtle use of fillers gave her clearer jawline definition.

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