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Larissa Lima: Doing Enough Community Service to Stay Out of Jail?

Back in June, polarizing 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Larissa Lima taunted her haters while performing community service.

She’s content, she still has a chance to get her happy ending, and no amount of hate on social media is going to change that.

But just doing some community service like it’s a hobby isn’t what the court instructed.

Larissa has to meet a set number of hours by a set deadline.

She also has to complete a huge number of domestic violence prevention classes.

Is Larissa keeping up with the judge’s instructions?

Or is she putting herself at risk of serving prison time and then being deported to Brazil?

1. Larissa has a lot on her plate right now

Larissa lima on 90 day could be deported for a crime like this
If she messes up, she could be sent to prison and then deported to Brazil.

2. Back in May, Larissa had a major court date

Larissa lima feels awkward
Her divorce was over and she had already taken steps to (hopefully) secure her legal residency in the US. All that was left was her criminal trial.

3. Remember this?

Larissa and colts bloody fight 01
Larissa took to Instagram at that time to share some harrowing looks at her face, smeared with blood. She said that Colt had been tormenting and “hurting” her and that she had only scratched him to defend herself before running away.

4. Here was a look at Colt after the same incident

Larissa and colts bloody fight 12
Colt reportedly told police that Larissa’s wounds were self-inflicted, claiming to be a nail-biter. Fans of 90 Day Fiance were quick to pull up scores of photos in which Colt appeared to have nails that could break the skin. Despite that, it was Larissa who was charged — and who could ultimately face deportation if convicted.

5. So she went to court over it in late May

Larissa lima the queen takes a bath
Everyone was on the edges of their seats to read and hear the results, and the results were … a little more complicated than people had expected.

6. Larissa cleared the air

Larissa lima says she is not guilty
She explained that she was neither found guilty nor innocent, but that she was ordered to complete a number of tasks before her next court date, which would be in July.

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