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Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton brought back 2005 for Skims’ velour collection: hot?

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Hi, this is so stupid and I LOVE IT. Back in the day, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were BFFs. Kim was Paris’s “stylist,” and they were regularly photographed at nightclubs, picking up iced coffees and going shopping in LA. This was also the era of the Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit – every celebrity had one, usually topped with a trucker hat. That was THE celebrity ensemble from, like, 2003-2008? And now Kim is bringing back that look. Her wildly successful SKIMS collection is now offering Skims velour tracksuits. And the promotional images are… Kim and Paris Hilton modeling the collection. From Vogue:

The brand’s new collection, launching October 21, features several of the classic velour silhouettes—hoodies, wide-leg pants, and joggers—but it also moves into new territory thanks to bandeau tops, crew neck tanks, and modern elements like the very 2020 neutral color palette and up to 4X sizing. For Kardashian West, that blend of old school and new is what keeps the clothes exciting, and she was eager to incorporate the material into SKIMS’s lineup. “After working on [this] for over a year, I am so excited to share with everyone,” she shared with Vogue via email. “Velour is one of my favorite collection launches to date! It’s the perfect blend of 2000s nostalgia and present-day loungewear.”

The time spent in development led to a carefully crafted collection, which arrives when many are attempting to find casual clothes that won’t look sloppy. “I’m living in sweatsuits right now,” says Hilton, who gives the SKIMS line her seal of approval. “The Velour collection is perfect for looking hot while being comfy.” Kardashian West admits she never stopped wearing the pieces she helped popularize in the early 00s. “The iconic velour tracksuits have been a staple in my closet for close to 20 years!” she says, noting that her newly launched versions are, “versatile, comfortable, ultra-luxe, and fun.”

For Hilton, revisiting all these motifs was great fun. “We had the best time hanging out and shooting in LA.,” she says. “The collection is very nostalgic with an early 2000s vibe—which we both know very well.”

The world is clearly still hungry for more Kim, Paris, and velour. “I love that we both continue to support each other in everything we do,” says Hilton. “I am so proud of Kim! Such a beautiful, brilliant boss, babe!”

[From Vogue]
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Vogue also points out that Paris and Kim pulled out their old Marc Jacobs-era Louis Vuitton totes and tried to keep the styling as close to 2005 as possible. I think they succeeded! I know a lot of people will hate this, but I find it very clever from Kim, especially by getting Paris to do it with her and to make some of the ads look like paparazzi photos taken in a parking garage. It’s perfect celebrity nostalgia.

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Photos courtesy of Vogue, Instagram, SKIMS.


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