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Keep Fighting, X! Watch DMX’s Incomparable & Iconic Woodstock ’99 Performance In FULL [Video]

As we continue to pray for DMX let’s revisit his most iconic performance ever at Woodstock ’99 in front of 220,000 people.

Woodstock '99 in Saugerties, New York

Source: KMazur / Getty

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Earlier this week we learned of the news that hip-hop legend DMX was hospitalized following a suspected drug overdose and heart attack which stopped his brain from receiving oxygen reportedly for almost 30 minutes. While many people are rushing to say he has passed away, at this moment X is alive and fighting for his life.

As we continue to pray for his recovery let’s appreciate the times X gave us and look back on one of his biggest moments.

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Woodstock ’99 was a festival like no other. While it did end tragically in a ball of fire after angry concert-goers revolted over high food prices and lack of necessities, the crowd showed X the utmost love and vibed with him every second of his set. During X’s entire performance all 220,000 people went word for word with the Hip-Hop legend. This was back before rap was the top genre in music and DMX was one of the only Hip-Hop performers at the festival. DMX dominated for every single second and dropped hit after hit and delivered his most iconic performance in over 100-degree weather.

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As we continue to pray for DMX, let’s rewatch his most iconic performance below.


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