Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez is a Narcissist and He Manipulates Our Son!

Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez really and truly do not get along.

And yeah, sure, they keep hooking up, and it is true that they’ve had two children together.

But despite all that, they really seem to just not like each other.

Kailyn has made all sorts of accusations about things that Chris has allegedly done to her, and Chris has continually defended himself, implying that there are things going on that he doesn’t want to talk about but that would change everyone’s opinion about him.

Yeah, it’s a great big mess.

This weekend, though, things reached a boiling point when Chris did something to their older son, Lux, without Kailyn’s knowledge or consent.

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Buckle up, because this is a lot …

1. Setting the Stage

Kailyn and 2 sons
OK, so as you surely know, Kailyn and Chris don’t really get along that well, but tensions have been especially high in the past few weeks — basically since she gave birth to Creed, their second child together.

2. Well …

Kail talks about chris
It was bad before then, definitely — she obtained an order of protection against him shortly after she got pregnant, and she’s claimed that she did that after he choked her.

4. Not So Much

Kailyn lowry is pro placenta
Still, leading up to Creed’s birth there was an attitude like “maybe Chris will be around, maybe he won’t,” which is silly considering how little she says he interacts with Lux.

5. Hey Creed!

Chris lopez creed photo
But now that Creed is here, Chris is completely out of the picture again.

6. Hmmm

Kailyn lowry family pic
Or at least that’s what Kailyn’s been saying. It’s all very messy and they both keep saying different things, but this is where we are now.

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