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Jim Jones Shows Us How To Make The Perfect Chopped Cheese On “In 5 Minutes [Video]

Jim Jones gives us a cooking lesson on how to make the perfect New York chopped cheese.

Jim Jones

Source: Bernard Beanz Smalls / Bernard Beanz Smalls,

Jim Jones is a man of many talents and he keeps adding to his resume showing there isn’t much he cant handle. He will forever be cemented as a legend when it comes to music and his timeless work with Dipset and their impact on culture. In recent years he’s turned into everyone’s favorite weatherman giving great laughs to all while still dropping your much-needed weather information like channel 6 would. Now Jones is venturing out once again this time to teach us how to cook. Being from New York, Harlem to be specific Jim knows a thing or two about chopped cheese sandwiches. Now thanks to BET we get the chance to learn from the man himself how to make the perfect New York chopped cheese in 5 minutes. You’re probably thinking this is some side dish but the importance of the chopped cheese can’t be stressed enough as fine Harlem dining. Respect the Chopped Cheese lifestyle and follow the strict instructions and your tastebuds shall be rewarded. Make sure you make a run to the store before watching and trying to make your own as no substitutions are allowed. You can watch the video in full below and stay tuned for more cooking lessons from Jim.

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