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Jerking Our Chain: L.A. County Sheriff Has Determined The Cause Of Tiger Woods’ Car Accident But Won’t Reveal Citing “Privacy Protection”

This is an…interesting turn of events…

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Some of you may have forgotten about the harrowing car accident that Tiger Woods was in a few weeks back. With the craziness of the news cycle lately that is completely understandable. However, yesterday we were given an update about the incident and we gotta admit, it was a thing that made us go, “hmmmm”. Word to Arsenio Hall.

According to ESPN, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office has determined exactly what caused Tiger’s car to flip over several times down an embankment. The thing is, they won’t reveal that reason citing “personal privacy concerns”. Now, we know that Tiger wasn’t drunk or high because they would have arrested him for DUI. We know that he was in the car alone so he wasn’t getting sloppy toppy. If he was talking or texting on his phone that doesn’t exactly equate to a privacy matter. If there was a mechanical malfunction of some kind, they would just say that.

Tiger Woods Crash

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We tried our damnedest to come up with other things that would be “private” about the cause of a crash that could have easily killed Tiger or someone else. After a while, we ran out of all possible rational excuses except for one…

We don’t have any inside information. No one told us this. And there are absolutely zero facts or evidence to back this up. It’s literally just a guess. However, the question seems totally valid considering the situation. We have a feeling that this story has not been put to bed in the public eye. Tiger had to have told someone exactly what happened and in Hollywood, word travels.


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