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Jenelle Evans Goes OFF on Amber Portwood and Cheyenne Floyd!

Remember this time last week when we all thought that Jenelle was for sure going to lose custody of all of her kids permanently, or at least have to do some major work on herself to get them back?

We were so young then.

Despite everything she’s ever said and done, a judge somehow decided that it would still be cool if she was in charge of raising a handful of kids, so now Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa are back down on the swamp with her and David.

And you know what?

It’s made her cocky.

Cocky enough that she now thinks she has any room at all to judge anyone.

Bless her heart …

1. What a Time to Be Alive

Pb and jenelle y
So Jenelle … she’s just in a really weird place right now, OK?

2. Cool

Jenelle dave eason
For the past two months, she and her gross husband, David Eason, had finally been seeing some consequences for their reprehensible actions — and oh, it was a sight to behold.

3. Justice (Almost)

David with nugget
CPS removed all the children from their care and placed them with temporary guardians after David beat and killed Nugget, the family dog.

4. How Neat

Dave eason and jenelle eason
Jenelle and David were ordered to go to counseling as part of the deal to regain custody, and David was also required to attend anger management.

5. Hmmm …

Jenelles chicks
Everyone kept saying that it would take months for Jenelle to get the kids back, if she was even able to get them back at all. And as it turns out, everyone lied.

6. So Weird

Jenelle with kaiser and ensley
Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, the judge decided to be done with everything, and the children’s temporary guardians were ordered to hand the kids back to Jenelle and David by the next morning.

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