Indians Are Cancelling Tom Holland for a Tweet He Never Made

Indians are calling for a boycott of Spiderman actor Tom Holland over a tweet. The catch? The movie franchise actor wasn’t the Tom Holland who posted the problematic tweet.

On Feb. 24, a British author and cricketer also named Tom Holland put out a sarcastic tweet poking fun at India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to rename the world’s largest cricket venue to Narendra Modi stadium.

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While this move drew flak from Modi’s critics in India, some social media users got offended over Holland’s tweet, and assumed that it was “Spiderman” interfering in “India’s internal matter”.

Indians have since made the hashtag #BoycottSpiderman trend on Twitter. They also accused the actor of being part of a conspiracy, and even said that he was probably paid to tweet against Modi.

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The outrage against an international actor for speaking up on an Indian issue comes just weeks after international icons like Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, and Mia Khalifa faced backlash and trolling for supporting India’s farmer’s protests, and were also accused of being part of a “conspiracy” and “interfering in internal matters”.

Interestingly, even Twitter users with names similar to Rihanna were trolled, leaving them confused as to why so many Indians were angry at them.

Following the outrage, the author Tom Holland responded to right-wing supporters in India and poked fun at the confusion.

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