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How Many Of Us Have Them? Kevin Hart Is Getting DRAGGED For Defending Ellen; He Responds

Kevin Hart At FX premier

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Ellen Degeneres has been under fire with accusations of subordinates being mistreated all across the board behind the scenes. Rumors are even flying that she is thinking about leaving the show. As a result, some of her friends have spoken up to back her. One such friend was Kevin Hart:

“It’s crazy to see my friend go thru what she’s going thru publicly. I have known Ellen for years and I can honestly say that she’s one of the dopest people on the fucking planet. She has treated my family and my team with love and respect from day 1. The internet has become a crazy world of negativity….we are falling in love with peoples down fall. It’s honestly sad…When did we get here? I stand by the ones that I know and that I love. Looking forward to the future where we get back to loving one another….this hate shit has to stop. Hopefully it goes out of style soon….This post is not meant to disregard the feelings of others and their experiences….It’s simply to show what my experiences have been with my friend. Love you for life Ellen…”

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In case you forgot, Degeneres was the first person to reach out to Hart and have him on her show when he came under fire for his past tweets when he gave up his chance to host the Oscars. So we see what he was trying to do. However, Hart has been so deep in bad publicity with these things it only looks bad.

Then on the other hand some people are calling him a sellout because he’s defending Ellen when he was mostly silent on Nick Cannon when he was getting canceled. Mans can’t win for losing.

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I love to love…. Hurry up & get here 2021….this year is fucking ASS…throw this shit in the can

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Hit the flip and see how badly he’s getting dragged for all of it.


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