Hide Your Pets: Fans Flamed Joe Budden For Allegedly Liking To Fondle Furry Dog Genitalia To “Relieve” Backed-up Pet Peen, He Responds To Mongrel Masturbation Rumors Like THIS

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Joe Budden allegations were running WILD across the internet yesterday. First, a conversation between him and his ex-fiancee Cyn Santana “leaked” on youtube where she blasted him in a private conversation for allegedly being abusive. Then, their supposed family court document leaked highlighting alleged abuse towards Cyn and Budden’s alleged affinity for masterbating his dogs. Yes, Joe allegedly likes to masturbate his pets the document reads.

The questionable court document popped up on Instagram account ‘CynnJoeTV’, same name as the youtube account that published the private conversation between the two co-parents. Cyn Santana went live last night and confirmed the leaked conversation was real, apologizing for it. So could this part be real too?

“Without putting too fine a point on it, suffice to say that Defendant has not only expressed concern for the dog’s lack of sexual partner, but has personally assumed responsibility for relieving any pent-up canine sexual tension,” so the documents read. “Defendant, for reason I cannot fathom, has personally masturbated the dog. Defendant repeatedly states that he sees this function as his responsibility since there are no ‘b***hes’ around to provide a sexual outlet for the dog.”

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Exlucive proff #Joebudden sexualy abused cynn and beat her and fucks his dogs

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As wild as the allegation sounds, fans quickly dug up a clip of Joe Budden admitting to touching the genitals of his animals and laughing it off on his podcast.

“Why do I always wanna make the dog feel good by playing with their f*cking privates. Everybody with a pet, come on, you did a little something down there to make your pet feel good.”

What in the world of Joe Budden is going on here????!

Fans erupted with reactions and Joe seemingly responded to the allegations on Twitter. Hit the flip to read it.


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