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Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett Embark on Date Night: We Don’t Need Peter Weber!

If you watched Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, you might have wound up feeling confused, frustrated, and more than a little angry at the end.

So you can imagine how Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett must have felt!

We only had to watch as Peter stomped on people’s emotions while he struggled to make up his mind like a petulant child in an ice cream shop.

They had to live through it!

You’d think after an experience like that, these would want nothing to do with one another.

After all, who wants to be reminded of the time they were dumped by a mama’s boy on national TV?

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But something remarkable happened this week — Hannah Ann and Madison revealed that they enjoy a closer bond than either of them ever had with Peter.

Take a look:

1. Peter-less

Madison and hannah ann
You might think that Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett would hate each other — or at least that they would want nothing to do with one another.

2. And Loving It

Hannah ann madison
But this week, Peter Weber’s exes revealed that they have more in common than just a weakness for commercial airline pilots.

4. Date Night!

Hannah ann hair
“Date night! Guess who I’m with?” Hannah Ann said in an Instagram Story before bringing Madison on camera.

5. Dating Done Right

Hannah ann swimsuit
When their beach date came to an end, the ladies proceeded back to Hannah Ann’s to do some baking.

6. Cookies > Peter

H and m 1
“[Night] time cuddles and cookies…and more desserts to come,” Sluss captioned her story.

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