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Finally Free: Surgeon Successfully Removes Gorilla Glue From Tessica Brown’s Hair

He did it, Joe!

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Dr. Michael Obeng, the plastic surgeon who volunteered to relieve the scalp of “Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown, freed the embattled woman’s tresses from globs of glue after a surgical procedure.

The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon shared the news to TMZ and included a video of the procedure. Tessica is awake but her eyes are taped shut while the doctor and a nurse add chemicals to her hair.

“Are you in pain?” asks Dr. Obeng as he meticulously separates her glued-together tresses.

Afterward, Tessica is advised not to wear any more extensions for a while.

“No ponytail, let your scalp heal,” said the doctor who adds that he gave her a steroid shot for inflammation.

Tessica who’s clearly relieved to be free from her Gorilla Glue debacle is seen in another video gleefully touching her scalp.

“Jesus Christ I can scratch it,” said Tessica. “Now I wish I would’ve waited before cutting my ponytail off.”

She also noted that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and she needs her hair done before the holiday.

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Tessica was under light anesthesia during the procedure and according to Dr. Obeng he used medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and acetone to unstick the scalp during the free procedure that could’ve cost Tessica $12,500.

He demonstrated the procedure with human hair attached to an anatomy mannequin and detailed the detachment.


Prior to getting the glue removed, Tessica told ET Online that she wishes she never came forward with her now-viral story because she’s “over it.”

She also denied that she hired an attorney to sue Gorilla Glue and vehemently denied putting the epoxy in her hair for “clout.”

“I don’t understand what all of the other stuff is coming from,” said Tessica. “No. I’ve never ever said that. Again, I don’t know where all this is coming from because at this point everybody saying it.”


“If y’all knew me, y’all know I would never, ever do anything for clout. If y’all knew me, y’all would love me. Everything that y’all saying, call me, talk to me. I will talk to you. I really would talk to a lot of people. I’m not that person y’all trying to make me out to be,” she expressed, before sharing what she’s learned from the experience. “Go to the salon. Or if you don’t have what you need, don’t just use anything. It’s really not that serious.”

Tessica whose GoFundMe is up to over $20,000 at press time, has wig offers from Porsha Williams, and famed hairstylists Tae and Jonathan.

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What do YOU think about Tessica Brown being free from her Gorilla Glue gaffe???


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