• Dakota Johnson & Chris Martin are living together in Malibu, they have dinner with Goop
  • Michelle Pfeiffer’s ageing secrets: Eat right, exercise, sleep, there’s no ‘magical bullet’
  • Kanye West learned that it’s expensive to be the front man in a GOP con job
  • “Don Trump Jr. says his dad normalized being a crybaby loser” links
  • Demi Moore sort of looks back to normal after her altered Fendi runway appearance
  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s metabolism was affected by Covid, but don’t worry, she’s on a diet
  • Did Kanye West try to sell Kim Kardashian’s jewelry pre-divorce filing?
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  • Christopher Meloni & Mariska Hargitay celebrate their decades-long friendship
  • Frances McDormand: ‘I made a conscious effort not to do press & publicity for 10 years’
  • Hasbro is de-gendering Mr. Potato Head, the toy will be offered as simply ‘Potato Head’
  • Texas woman sues electricity provider over $9,000 bill after outages
  • Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana to protect his grandchildren from injustice
  • Sarah Paulson: ‘I have more in common with Linda Tripp than I care to admit’
  • CDC issues new warnings about masking and vetilation for indoor fitness
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