• Trump says he had to ‘take China on,’ even if it meant hurting U.S. economy
  • Unifor head tells union’s media members he hears concerns about Tory-bashing but won’t stop
  • Ethics committee to meet to decide whether to dig deeper into SNC-Lavalin report
  • ‘Maus’ creator axes Marvel essay, says company tried to sensor Trump reference
  • All federal party leaders invited to election debates to attend
  • Scheer pledges new tax credit, says it will make parental leave benefits ‘tax-free’
  • How Justice Canada’s ‘inaccurate and misleading’ impaired driving tweet sparked blame, confusion
  • Why Canadian politicians spar over so-called ‘facts’ — and how to keep track of the truth
  • Thousands detained in Kashmir amid communications blackout: police
  • ANALYSIS: For Trudeau and the Liberals, a tie in the polls is as good as a win
  • Migrants jump overboard rescue ship stranded off Italian coast in attempt to swim ashore
  • Edmonton-based former child refugee facing deportation to Somalia
  • Joe Biden to skip annual DNC summer meeting to campaign in New Hampshire
  • ‘Fundamentals’ of the U.S. economy are strong, White House says to quell recession fears
  • Liberals, Tories essentially tied after damning SNC-Lavalin ethics report: Ipsos

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