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Farrah Abraham: Bill Gates is a Modern Day Hitler for Making the Coronavirus!

If you thought that Farrah Abraham couldn’t get worse than calling the coronavirus pandemic “fun,” strap yourselves in.

Farrah is putting Bill Gates, of all people, on blast.

The billionaire philanthropist has of course poured a tremendous amount of resources into working on a vaccine for COVID-19.

But Farrah accuses him of making the coronavirus and unleashing it as part of some sort of “social experiment.”

In one of her most unhinged word salads yet, she goes on to call him a “modern day Hitler.”

Farrah has clearly been reading bonkers coronavirus-related conspiracy theories … but her version is more than a little garbled.

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From Farrah, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

1. Farrah has some THOUGHTS on COVID-19

Farrah abraham deep in thought
Brace yourselves, because she’s buying into some absolute lunacy and she’s managing to be racist about it at the same time. Her post does not make any sense at all. Classic Farrah.

2. Farrah’s post includes this

Bill gates trevor noah remote interview
In a very short clip of a remote interview between Bill Gates and The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, the two discuss the importance of preparing for the next epidemic and Trevor says that he hopes to see the billionaire philanthropist on the tennis courts again soon — once the current pandemic has passed.
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3. Farrah has completely lost her mind

Farrah freaks
“Wow play tennis together,” Farrah remarks, accusing Trevor and Bill of being “buddies doing an interview to cover up.”

4. Cover up WHAT?

Farrah ex on the beach
“@billgates is ok killing people, wasting billions of dollars,” Farrah rants.

5. She also makes it racist

Farrah in venice
“This a man made patented virus #wuhanvirus that Bill Gates says is not man made?” Farrah asks. (No, it’s not man-made, and no country or organization has the tech to engineer this coronavirus. Also, calling it the “Wuhan virus” is a deliberate effort to villainize Chinese folks)

6. Then it gets worse

Farrah abraham for ex on the beach
“Bill Gates only talks about wanting billions from the government yet claims he’s wealthy enough to know these things already? He was good with computers not people who talk back after being infected with his viruses he created,” she accuses. She’s out of her gourd.
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